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Welcome to Year 3


You will have two teachers - MrsThornton-Pugh is in class for Monday, Tuesday and  Wednesday morning - whilst Mrs Harban is in on Wednesday afternoon,Thursdays and Fridays. On our team we also have Mrs Mercer.

We have a different topic each term:

Autumn - Our topic is Anglo Saxons.

Spring - Monarchs - a comparison.

Summer - Ancient Greece.


We have been learning about sun safety and have made some sunglasses designs.

Ice cream sales a success - raising money to twin our toilet!

Spent a busy afternoon making jellies in preparation for our fundraising event tomorrow. We are hoping to raise enough money to twin our toilet with one in another continent! Not all the jellies dissolved as fast as we thought they would. Thanks especially to Reverend Helen who helped us in this task.

Just enjoyed a wonderful trip to Huddersfield Library and Art Gallery. Members of Brockholes Methodist Church joined us as we shared stories and made friends with the children from Spring Grove school. On being asked which part of the day they enjoyed the most, the answers given were varied: books, train travel, lunch, looking at the art and making new friends.

WATER OF LIFE WEEK: Day 1 Whilst waiting for everyone to gather this morning,some comprehension questions were posed on the theme of water. The children then listened to a story brought all the way from Malawi. It made us think about how precious water can be. Each child had to do a tally of the taps in their home. We then tried to work out the total number of taps in Brockholes School. Can you guess the total? Ask a member of year 3 for the answer.

After watching a play about flooding,we started our class activities with a musical theme. The children created musical phrases on the theme of water and then thought of some actions to accompany them. Here is one example: 

Musical word play

Water week Day 2 Today we listened to a presentation by Professor Richard. He told the children about his job designing systems for sewers and for controlling flooding. Year 3 had to guess the age of water and think about the habitat of rivers. They were able to join in discussions about how water behaves and to think about issues raised by climate change.

In the afternoon we watched a short clip about some African schoolchildren who had to walk for 30 minutes to collect water. The children were asked to decide how many litres of water would be the minimum needed by their group in one day if water was scarce. They then filled buckets with this amount and had to transport it around the school grounds for 15 minutes. Not everyone managed to keep dry as the water sloshed out of buckets! 

Day 3 and the class watched a clip about the course of a river from its source to its mouth. They learned some new technical vocabulary - listen out for ox-bow lake and deltas - and then joined in a song about the whole journey. Maps were then created on grids in preparation for some work on co-ordinates. After break, we turned our attention to writing prayers about water so that these could be added to the net in the school entrance. In the afternoon it was our turn to go on the river walk. The children were very excited to don their wellies and boots. A special song has been composed for this project and the composer heard a rendition of her song as the children walked along the riverbank. 

Day 4 and the children began by making Noah's Arks.They had to work in teams. Later they learned about the flood that had happened in Holmfirth long ago. Afterwards they imagined what it might have been like at that time and wrote a diary entry about the event.  

Day 5 Reverend Helen visits the class and tells a bible story using simple images. The children have time to reflect on various questions. In the afternoon, the children complete activities and join in a celebration assembly with the whole school. Finally our exciting week is over!

Our partners from the Methodist Church came to listen to the stories gathered by the children over half term. The visitors added anecdotes from their memories. Our conversation topics were varied - ranging from pets, heirlooms, holidays, broken limbs and outside toilets to name but a few!

Rev. Helen described the uniform she had worn when she had been a Brownie. Robert told the children how deep the snow had been in 1947 - so high that he had to walk on the tops of hedges. Granville brought us up to date with his snow story about a trip to Devon last week.

Well done to the Normans, Saxons and Tudors who gave us a glimpse of their lives in our History/Herstory assembly. A big thank you also to parents and other family members who helped the children to learn their lines and who made sure that they looked the part! They gave a confident performance and we are very proud of them.

The Hand to Mouth team have been in school to lead some sessions on the theme of 'Prayer'. Year 3 heard about the Lindisfarne Gospels and proceeded to decorate some texts with illuminated letters. Here are some of the children busy at this task:

We have begun our participation in a twinning project entitled 'Carry my Story'. Members of Brockholes Methodist Church came to visit us to discuss what life was like during the war years. The children have been talking to family members and gathering stories about the war. These anecdotes were then shared on the day.

We have remembered the men named on the Brockholes war memorial by making a poppy for each individual and placing our wreaths there in an act of remembrance.

As part of our science topic - Rocks and soils - we visited the mining museum and enjoyed a workshop, plus a trip down the mine.