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Welcome to Year 3


You will have two teachers - MrsThornton-Pugh is in class for Monday, Tuesday and  Wednesday morning - whilst Mrs Harban is in on Wednesday afternoon,Thursdays and Fridays. On our team we also have Mrs Mercer.

We have a different topic each term:

Autumn - Our topic is Anglo Saxons.

Spring - Monarchs - a comparison.

Summer - Ancient Greece.

The Hand to Mouth team have been in school to lead some sessions on the theme of 'Prayer'. Year 3 heard about the Lindisfarne Gospels and proceeded to decorate some texts with illuminated letters. Here are some of the children busy at this task:

We have begun our participation in a twinning project entitled 'Carry my Story'. Members of Brockholes Methodist Church came to visit us to discuss what life was like during the war years. The children have been talking to family members and gathering stories about the war. These anecdotes were then shared on the day.

We have remembered the men named on the Brockholes war memorial by making a poppy for each individual and placing our wreaths there in an act of remembrance.

As part of our science topic - Rocks and soils - we visited the mining museum and enjoyed a workshop, plus a trip down the mine.