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Welcome to Year 1


 Summer Term

Our topic for Summer term is 'Our Cultural World'.  We are finding out about continents of the world but focussing on Africa.  We are enjoying stories set in African countries; Handa's Surprise, Lila and the Secret of Rain, and Mama Panyan's Pancakes.  We are exploring different fruits using our senses, sight, smell and taste.  We need to find out where these fruits come from.    We will also find out about African animals.  This will include finding out about different types of animal; reptiles, mammals, birds and fish.  We are learning some tribal dance moves and learning skills for invasion games.  We are getting to grips with multiplication, fractions and time in Maths.

In KS1 we use the Monster Phonics scheme of synthetic phonics. We learn 4 / 5 sounds a week and learn how to blend them to read whole words and sentences. We read real and made up words so we are ready for the KS1 Phonics check in at the end of Year 1. We use the Monster Phonics Reading Scheme in school and books will be sent home to read together to promote your children’s love of reading. Please follow the links below for flashcards and high frequency words. You can also log onto Bug Club as there are many online books to choose from. Your login is in your child's home learning book.


If children need to self isolate due to Covid-19, remote learning will be provided each day on Google Classroom. You can find your log in stuck in your child's home learning book. Search for 'Google Classroom' in your search engine to access the remote learning for Year 1 children. 


Spring Term  

 The topic for the Spring Term was Houses and Homes.  We have talked about our own houses, what they look like and are built of.  We have investigated the materials we use in our homes.  We have tested different materials for floating, sticking to a magnet and used a torch to shine through them.  This was an historical topic so we found out about how houses and homes have changed over time. We have learned about the Great Fire or London.  We have made William Morris patterns on our own wallpaper.  In February found out more about places of worship by visiting the Mosque in Thornton Lodge.  

Please click here to access the 200 High Frequency Words

Please click here to access the phonic sounds flashcards

Please click here to access common exception words

Follow this link for ways to help your child https://monsterphonics.com/free-resources/fun-ways-to-help-children-learn-phonics-spelling/