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 Spring Term in Year 1

We will be having reading basket activities every morning except Friday

from 8.45am to 9.15am as the children settle quickly and become more independent.

Thank you to all the parents who are  helping out, we always appreciate the extra support.

We will be practicing letter formation and phonics in literacy and reading baskets.

This half term our topic is

Under the Sea

We are going under the sea to look at the fish, the whales, and the seals .  We will take a trip across the globe from the Frozen North where the polar bears live, traveling south through the Atlantic negotiating dangerous icebergs, over the Equator, across the warm Indian Ocean and further south into the Southern Ocean. Finally we will be landing in Antarctica where we will learn about penguins.  during our journey we will find out about the Titanic.  We will travel back in time with Scott of the Antarctic and find out about the disastrous expedition across the frozen desert.