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Welcome to Year 3 Bienvenue

We have participated in the arts Biennale entitled 'Magnificent Me'. Our amulets are displayed at 'Maker World'. Members of our class Samba band marched in the parade. They were magnificent!

The children were surprised by the results of our science investigation into conditions of growth for seeds. There was a spontaneous round of applause for week 1's winner (no light) as it emerged from the stock cupboard to be measured! 

Our history topic this term is all about the Tudors. 


We recreated the Tudor look, using a scarf and other items of clothing.

Ranking materials according to their ability to reflect light.

Making shadows of different sizes by moving the source of light.

Practising using tools to create garden gnomes.

Maysoon tells us all about Eid and Ramadan in our Spring Celebrations event via zoom!
Maysoon tells us all about Eid and Ramadan in our Spring Celebrations event via zoom!

We love books! Tiffany told us how she helps people to select different books. After searching through the books in the children's library, we each choose one to take home.

We visited the Art Gallery and looked at photographs of people who had helped others during the pandemic. Then we sketched our favourite oil painting in the exhibition by Kevin Ashcroft.

We enjoyed our session at Maker World. In addition to printing and drawing an Ancient Greek scene, we created Greek masks.

Testing out our magnetic Mazes!
Testing out our magnetic Mazes!

We enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day!

Do you like our Greek style vases?
Do you like our Greek style vases?

After looking at texts, a website and a film clip, we began to write up our notes about the Olympics. Some of the class continued to do some independent research.

We enjoyed making willow valentine hearts with Rosie.

See us in action as we enjoy our class inter-house football tournament. Thank you Mr Thewlis (from Pennine Sports Partnership) for organising this.

Here we undertake 2 investigations to find out about friction. We carefully recorded our results.

We have been testing materials to see if they are magnetic.

We enjoyed investigating the properties of rocks.

Beware of the coconuts! We pause for a photo between our performances.
Beware of the coconuts! We pause for a photo between our performances.
Little Moana
Little Moana

After watching the Brockholes 'Master Chef' at work, the children began to improve their skills with knives and peelers. They prepared vegetables, following a recipe for Anglo-Saxon 'Pottage'. 

Year 3 made wreaths and spoke aloud the names of the men on the memorial. We finished with prayers. WE WILL REMEMBER THEM.

We enjoyed 'Interfaith Week'. The theme was 'Story Trees'. We focussed on learning about the Jewish and Muslim faiths from 2 different faith representatives. We watched film clips and listened to stories. After discussing the stories, we made 2 lists of questions to send to the representatives. Some of our questions were answered in a live zoom session - it was exciting to hear the name of Brockholes School mentioned!

In the display, you can see that we've created 'leaves of peace' as we recognise that we should try to live in harmony with all people. Another photo shows our tree anecdotes.

Creating Christmas Stars out of willow from the school grounds. We work well together!

A rather wet Terrific Tuesday session. We collected leaves to make bookmarks. We also met Maggie - Rosie's new puppy. It made us realise the importance of picking up our rubbish and keeping the environment safe for us all.