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23 July 2021 (Catering vacancies, Thurstonland Cricket Club Summer Camps)

16 July 2021 (Church Notices and Services, Honley Library Flyer, Honley Cricket, Meltham Multi sports, Endorphins Club for SEND children)

9 July 2021 (Church Notices and Services, Understanding Your Child's Mental Health, Self Care, FOBS Fundraising Events, Uniform Exchange Leaflet, Underbank Rugby Club, Endorphins Clubs for SEND children)

2 July 2021 (Thongsbridge Tennis leaflet)

24 June 2021 (Church Notices and Services)

18 June 2021 (Church Notices and Services, Letter From Kirklees Council)

11 June 2021 (St Georges Notices and Services, Project Sport Summer Camp, FOBS Strava Competition)

28 May 2021 (Kirklees Half term Poster, Kirklees 'The Endorphins Group', Sprout Outdoor Acitivites, Shabang,  Spring 21 Activities, Spring Activity Booklet, FOBS Strava Competition, Church Notices and Services)

21 May 2021 (Vive Storm Netball, Vive Sparkle Netball, Church Notices and Services (Pentecost), Boules Club Poster    Huddersfield Giants Poster, Huddersfield Town Foundation Half Term, Netherthong Summer Club, Top Bins Football,
Golf Coaching
Holme Valley North Half Term)

14 May 2021 (Church Notices and Services, Walk to School Activity Diary)

7 May 2021 (Church Notices and Services, Support to Recovery)

30 April 2021 (Term Dates 2021-2022, Church Notices and Services)

23 April 2021 (Kirklees Summer Camp, Project Sport Camps, Church Notices and Services)

16 April 2021 (Church Notices and Services, FM World Perfume Price List)

26 March 2021 ( Free Easter Multisport Activities, Holmfirth Civic Easter Egg Hunt, KAL Free Online Work-

   outs, Shabang Free Activities for Children with additional needs, Half Term Camp Press Release, Half

  Term Camp Timetable, Snouffles Free Easter Activities, FM World Perfume Price List, Palm Sunday 29/3

   Church Notices 29/3, Lent Reflection Week 5, Lent Week 6 Activities,

  Play Team Easter Egg Hunt, KMC Team Hanson Activities)


19 March 2021 ( Lent Week 5 Activity Sheet, Lent Reflection Week 4)

12 March 2021 (Lent Week 4 Activity Sheet, Church Notices and Services)

5 March 2021 (Mel Meggs Letter to Parents, Church Notices and Services, St David's Day Activity Sheet,

    Lent Week 3 Activity Sheet)

26 February 2021 (Pokemon Activity Sheet, Hopeful Families Leaflet, Libraries From Home, Church Services

     and Notices

12 February 2021 (Huddersfield Town Flyer, Emotional Health and Wellbeing, FREE Emotional Health

     and Wellbeing Resources, Church Notices and Services, Feb Half-Term Activities, Valentine's Day

     Activity Sheet.

5 February 2021 (Emotional and Wellbeing Activity PackFree Emotional and Wellbeing Resources,

     Looking after Yourself Leaflet, Story Telling Activity Sheet, Church Notices, Church Services)

29 January 2021 (Author Event, Bird Watching Acitivity Sheet, Church Notices, Church Services)

22 January 2021 (Remote Learning Plan 1, Remote Learning Plan 2, Church Notices, Church Services,

    Winnie the Pooh Activity Sheet)

15 January 2021 (Walking Chart, Church Notices, Church Services, Walking Scheme Poster, Plants and Flowers Activity Sheet)

8 January 2021 (Google Classroom, Google Meet)

18 December 2020 (Letter from KMC, Greenhead Park, Xmas Sports Activities, Huddersfield Giants, Sands Recreation Grounds, Holmfirth Athletics, Carols and Lessons)

Christmas Holidays Activities - Sand Recreation Grounds, Greenhead Park, Holme Valley North, Holmfirth Harriers

11 December 2020 ( Church Notices, Services and Events, Term Time Wear Christmas Information

4 December 2020 (Church Notices and Services)

26 November 2020 (Church Notices and Services, Winter Coat Project, FOBS Great British Bake-off, FOBS Coffee Poster)

20 November 2020 (Church Notices and Services, FOBS Winter Newsletter, FOBS Great Brockholes Bake-off 2020, FOBS Coffee Poster, FOBS Dates

13 November 2020 (Church Notices and Services, Well Connected Leaflet, Well Connected Timetable)

6 November 2020, (Google Classroom Information, KS1 Performance Letter, KS2 Performance Letter, Parents Evening Booking, Kirklees Adult CoursesSt Georges Services and Notices)

23 October 2020 (Letter from Mel Megs, Project Sport 1, Project Sport 2, October camp cheerleading, Holme Valley Activities half term)

16 October 2020 (Google Classroom Step-by-Step Guide, Poppy Appeal, Walking Scheme, Creative Activities, St Georges Services and Notices,  Parent Update Information)

9 October 2020 ( Bug Club Letter, Isolation GuideParent Update Information, St Georges Services and Notices,

2 October 2020 - FOBS Monthly Prize Draw, Secondary School Open Evenings, Honley High School Flyer, Holmfirth High School Flyer, St Georges Notices.

25 September 2020 Travelling Books Order Form, St Georges Notices and Services

18 September 2020 - Coronavirus Recognising Symptoms, Coronavirus Isolation GuideSt Georges Notices and Services

11 September 2020 - St George's Church Notices and Services